I'm Louis Pham,

and welcome to my page! πŸ‘‹ I'm a software developer based in the Greater Toronto Area. I love all sorts of creating and tinkering, whether it be coding, dance, PC building β€” you name it!

I'm at Zensurance (we're hiring!), taking a tech-first approach with insurance to give small business owners a bit of relief in their already hectic lives.

My journey...


Toronto, CA

2020 - now

Software Developer

  • pioneered approach for team's monolith to microservices migration (NestJS)
  • deploy new + manage existing services (Kubernetes, Docker, GitHub Actions)
  • share knowledge on product's latest technical changes (intra- and cross-team), and help new hires with legacy knowledge
  • learning fancy insurance jargon

"Looks like meat software's back on the menu!"

Link Interac Inc.

Yokohama, JP

2017 - 2019

Assistant Language Teacher

  • prepared and ran English lessons for 3 public elementary schools, working with homeroom teachers to ensure retention of topics
  • ate delicious school lunches and outran all the kids during recess

What does everyone do after graduating university? Moving halfway across the globe for two years, of course!

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

Toronto, CA


Student Researcher

  • created Python wrapper scripts for an existing gravitational lensing tool to facilitate team's custom maps and theoretical models
  • got to use a supercomputer (SciNet)!

Keep doing what you were doing in school, but get paid for it this time? Count me in!

University of Toronto


Computer Science, Astronomy & Astrophysics

University of Toronto, KPE Faculty

Toronto, CA

2015 - 2016

Student Developer

  • built UofT's online Sports Hall of Fame
  • created schedule displays for gyms across campus
  • improved user experience with overhauled e-forms in OSCAR EMR

Canada Health Infoway

Toronto, CA

2014 - 2015

Software Developer, Co-op

  • created plugins for a Confluence-based website, such as hover tooltips and lookup tools
  • improved several AngularJS websites with new features and styling

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